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 MC Television Network Original Series Database
A Database filled with info on ideas and stories for Original Series.

Agent JC Bakes vs. The Crime Lord: The Series

Status: The Final Season (Season 5) begins in January 2014
JC Bakes stars as the #1 agent of PAUSE. This time around, he has to face the Crime Lord in a new TV series from the creators of the TV movie.


Status: Completed/Cancelled
JC Bakes stars in a new series about a guy who spends everyday doing a different job and the unexpected and hilarious outcomes that happen throughout the day.

Chemicals React!

Status: Completed/Cancelled
Using the MC's 3D graphic software: the MC Digital Arts FX Creator, the MC presents a whole new kind of series. Chemicals React! is about relationships between people and some of the potential downsides that are caused by bad relationships. By taking viewers into the world of the series, you get to see from the main characters POV how the show unfolds.

Craig Demon: Sorcerer of Darkness

Status: Season 3, Part 2 starts June 15th, 2013

UPDATE!: Season 4 begins February 2014

This series chronicles the life of a magician who while down on his magic act makes a deal with Mephistopheles to see his soul in turn to become the greatest magician/sorcerer in the world. He finds out though that they're are consequences to his acts and he must be careful with how he uses his new power.


Status: Completed/Ended
Teenage boy Creeperton "Creepie" Kreature lived in an awesome mansion with his loving family, then one day a little black hole appears that sucks Creepie into it. When he lands, everything looks the same. Or so he thought! Everyone and everything were bugs the size of humans. Until he can find a way home, Creepie must dress like the humanized bugs or face the consequences of entering this buggy earth by becoming one of them.

Demon Tales from the Twisted Realm

Status: Season 6, Now Playing

UPDATE!: The Final Season is Coming! Season 7 a.k.a. The Final Season Premieres in May 2014
From the Creators and Producers of Twisted Tales from the Unknown.
Within the Twisted Realm, the Villains from all the MC Original Movies are magically dropped in and each one has a tale all their own. Plus, the demons tell their own tales of what happens when they enter our world.

The MC presents Dream Sequences: Escape from the Darkness
Status: Season 3, Part 2 begins May 25th, 2013

Skele-tone, the evil being from Dream Sequences the movie has unleashed the Dream Realm's most darkest being: The Darkness. With the help of his sidekick Skype and his new creature The Darkness, Skele-tone can take over the Dream Realm and make an army to take over Reality as well. That is until a very familiar human foils his plans for world domination.

In Time

Status: Season 3 Premieres November 2013

They are the "Watchers of Time", a very elite task force who watches us all in the shadows and make sure time runs the right way. But, when a regular human steals a Time Watch and travels through the time stream it's up to two elite "Watchers" to chase after him and put the time stream back together and restore it to its rightful form.

Lucky Jake

Status: Completed/Ended
Jake Prescott was just an average kid who bad luck streak was causing him problems until one day in one of the Manhattan shops he bumped into the luckiest girl in the world and through magic their luck powers both got switched. Now, join Jake as he writes his memoirs about everything that occurred throughout his lucky streak and the obstacles he faced while preserving his luck and hiding it from everyone else.

Max Robinson's Tech of the Future

Status: Cancelled/Revival Series planned for Summer 2013
The Future has arrived and apparently its here today! Max Robinson takes you on a journey into the creation of present and future gadgets. He also will show you how the newest technology can save our planet from being destroyed by us before the future.

Night of the Living Snowmen: The Series

Status: Season 3 Coming December 2013

A Non-Canon Alternate Parallel world was created for this hit series based on the Original Movie franchise. Same plot included but now the Snowmen can come out any time of day and it features new characters not seen in the movies. A winter only themed Original Series.

Rock out or Sellout

Status: Cancelled /10 Episode Series
Everyone dreams of becoming a rock star and now you can prepare yourselves for the chance to become one.

Rock Star

Status: Cancelled /10 Episode Series
Jason Black was just a kid from a small town. Then, after performing at a nightclub became a new rock star overnight. As his alias, JD Munroe he will shake, rock, and roll the world in a series that takes you in the world of stardom.

Story of My Life
Status: Season 2 ongoing

The Continuing Adventures of the Original Movie Character and his life are explored in this Original Series adaption of the hit Original Movie.

The Creature from Another Planet GX

Status: Completed/Ended
From the creators behind the original 'Creature' series comes the next generation of alien/human hybrids. The series chronicles the life of the Creature from another Planet's son as he must deal with life on Earth and the strange and unique powers and enemies he comes in contact with.

The Invader's Guide to Conquering Unkn own Planets: The Series

Status: Completed/Ended
From the Creators and Writers of The Invader's Guide movie trilogy comes the events you never saw. Go between the films and discover a whole new experience within the legacy that is The Invader's Guide to Conquering Unknown Planets!

The Lost Journal of Sam Jones

Status: Cancelled
Danny Jones discovered a magic Journal hiding in the attic of his home that belonged to his grandfather Sam Jones and he discovers that whatever you write in the journal is magically brought to life. But, can the secret of the Journal be kept secret forever?

The Misadventures of Charlie Vega

Status: Season 5 Premieres December 2013
The town of Amity Falls has a secret, a dark sacred secret... Charlie Vega is that secret. Amity Falls will never be the same again. Charlie Vega is evil, and not high school, college, or boss at work evil. You see, Charlie is the half son of the Devil and going near him means escape an eternity work dying over. Prepare as Lucifer's son is unleashed upon the world. We're all gonna Die!

The Other Side: The Series

Status: Season 2 Premieres November 2013

John Repaer returns in a new series to die for. The grim reaper himself goes to high lengths to reap as many souls as he can without being seen.

The Out of Timers

Status: Cancelled

Phil Caruso is from the year 2128: 120 years from now, but when his time machine goes on the fritz.. he gets stuck in our time. Plus, his family comes with him! Now these 4 out of timers must try to fit into 2008 using their futuristic gadgets like the R.E.M.O.T.E. (Reality Energy Manual Out of Time Entertainer) to help them in stressful times. But, can our time really be that bad for them.....?